Sunday, June 21, 2015

Day 4

Today was our first day of work, we are working on a fence to surround the school yard. We moved sand, put the wire mesh up, and mixed cement to place along the fence. After work we went back to Ernesto and Aurora's and had pizza for lunch :) we then went tubing down the river in the Cockscomb Jaguar Preserve. After tubing we walked to a waterfall and all swam behind the falls, wish we would have had cameras but they would have gotten wet! On our walk back from the falls we saw another Howler monkey in the trees, this one was really big! We then came back to Ernesto's for dinner and are all pretty tired tonight. We have added more pictures to our link, so check them out please.  

Awty Belize 2015:


Kathryn and Kristi 


Jessica said...

Fun! Enjoy!

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