Friday, June 19, 2015

The beginning of our journey........

Hello everyone, 

Here's an update of our last 24 hours !
Last night, we had the chance to have a night tour of the Belize Zoo. We saw quite impressive animal as Junior Buddy the jaguar, we touched the boa's constrictor, heard the howler monkeys, fed tapir and some of us were scared of the crocodile. Then we came back to our rooms and slept our first night in Belize !

This morning we woke up, ate eggs, watermelon and papaya for breakfast and went all the way to Xunantunich to learn about the Mayans' history. We climbed all the way to the top of the temple that was so high we could see Guatemala ! On our way to the bus, our guide found several howler monkeys, and one of them came so close to us, it was unreal ! Once back in the bus, Juang drove us to a restaurant and we discovered the Belizean's milkshakes and typical foods. In the afternoon, we made a stop a food market where we tasted some very good apple-bananas and ginepes also known as "guayas" in Spanish; and to a gift shop for friends and family. 

We have started photo sharing, if anyone wants to see them, here is the link:  


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